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Transform Your Ugly Floor In Less Than 72 Hours With Iowa Concrete Coatings

Iowa Concrete Coatings can confidently stand above and beyond our competition by providing solutions for many forms of concrete problems.

Whether you need a decorative floor that will hold up to high traffic, a sanitary floor to address compliance requirements or an industrial floor for your manufacturing facility – We have you covered!

Creating an attractive and comfortable environment for your basement, workshop, garage, pool deck, animal care facility, laboratory, fire house, show room, store front, walkway, patio or other concrete areas could not be easier.

Interior, exterior, residential, commercial and industrial.

Only the Best

High-Quality Products, Perfect Floor Finish

Our line of garage floor epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea coatings, overlays and micro toppings will make your interior and exterior concrete surface look better than new and are impervious to mold, bacteria and pet accidents. 

No More Stress In Cleaning!

Epoxy is easy to prep for and easy to lay. Concrete needs a simple washing and clearing to prep for an epoxy coating. Application is simple enough that any homeowner could do it.

Durability At It’s Finest!

Epoxy floors are more durable than untreated concrete. The treatment provides concrete floors with an extra layer of protection that strengthens the concrete. So, epoxy floors hold up better to the wear and tear associated with working out of a garage.



Great Looking Finish!

A shiny epoxy coating is also going to add depth, and a great look to the space. It is going to create a clean look, and will shine , so your garage is going to look good at all times. Whether you simply want to have that neat looking space, and clean floor, or whether you do have plans to sell the home, and want the floors to look good when you bring potential buyers to the different areas, the epoxy coating will provide that clean, new look and feel to the garage space.

Safety For Everyone.

You want to know your car is safe, and that your garage flooring will last for years to come. When you use a basic paint to coat the floor, no protective barrier will be added. With a powerful, high bonding epoxy finish, not only do you have a peel up resistant, great looking floor, you are also going to add the protective layer, so your garage floors do not undergo as much damage as they might, with other floor paints.

Long-Term Cost Savings!

Depending on the products you select, metallic epoxy floor could be a bit more expensive to install than ordinary commercial flooring options.

But, when business owners consider the resistance to cracking, staining, fading and abrasion, cost savings become obvious.

Not Prone To Stains.

Epoxy flooring is non-porous. As a result, a floor treated with epoxy is water resistant and less prone to staining than regular concrete. This also provides some protection from the variances of weather changes.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Once we approved the quote he had his team there with in a week. They even came after our normal business hours so they did not interrupt our work day or office staff.  ”

G. Smith

I was very pleased with the whole quoting process; discussion, displays and written quote. The results only mirror what was shown to me during the quoting process. Excellent results and we recommend this application to any garage floor or similar application. ”

J. Sanchez

They arrived at the scheduled time down to the minute, super professional, absolute perfectionists when it came to the work and cost was exactly as per quote. Couldn’t have asked for any better.

S. Robertson

They gave me a very complete estimate and followed all agreements 100 %.

H. Smithson

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